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Lessons from the Disunited States by Bill Peddie

The excruciating four year unfolding circus on the US political scene makes the New Zealand political scene seem very tame in comparison. Unfortunately, for good or ill, we are bound to the leading Western powers by historical ties of trade … Continue reading

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I am sorry, regardless of the Trump supporters who wave their supplied placards and wear their coordinated T shirts ( both prepared by the Trump election machine), as far as I can see, there is good reason why outside the … Continue reading

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The Trump regime’s recent treatment of the Chinese electronics giant Huawei sends an unfortunate set of messages to an international audience. When Trump et al instigated the arrest of Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou, the US order to Canada to detain … Continue reading

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Trump Mark Two

It is a great shame for Mr Trump’s current credibility that he has insisted on making some of his more bizarre past threats and boasts in front of the TV cameras. Certainly in the wake of the recent letter bomb … Continue reading

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Evaluating the Trump – Kim Jong Un Show

I guess like most of the viewing audience I should at least concede that I was watching a significant event in Singapore when I saw President Trump basking in his moment of glory. Yet as he gave his self -congratulatory account … Continue reading

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Trump versus the Economists

A short time ago, over a thousand (actually 1,140) economists sent President Trump a letter. They were clearly appalled at President Trump’s economic protectionism, his tough and erratic rhetoric on the Trade requirements of the US and in particular, his … Continue reading

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One aspect of the disparate family that now constitutes the Methodist Church in New Zealand is starting to concern me. Don’t get me wrong. I rejoice in a Church which is sufficiently “family” to encompass progressives and conservatives. We find … Continue reading

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The Trumpish Art of the New Dealer

In the same way the hard of hearing can still follow the gist of a speech by watching an expert in sign language interpret the opening and shutting of a political leader’s mouth, given the widespread international varied reactions President … Continue reading

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The Alligator in Chief

So Donald Trump has finally realized that allegations can ruin people’s lives. Surely he knows that many of his allegations have turned out to be both false and hurtful. So what will we make of Mr Trump the alligator now … Continue reading

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POTUS Calls the North Korean Kettle Black

  I am puzzled why Mr Trump appears to think that the President of the US has the right to criticise North Korea as an instigator of state sponsored terror. Even if the POTUS virtually disregards international newspapers and seeks … Continue reading

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