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Lectionary Sermon (Homily) for Sunday 26 November 2017 (Matthew 25: 31- 46 )

The lectionary organizers designate today as Christ the King Sunday. It is intended to be the day when the teaching of Jesus is summarized in its true perspective. Matthew has arranged his gospel in a typically traditional Jewish form and … Continue reading

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Having watched a number of alternative energy projects fail through naive misunderstanding of practicalities I am wondering if the President of the United States is well served by his advisers. Mr Trump claims he is looking at building his wall … Continue reading

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Lectionary sermon for 5 February 2017, (Epiphany 5A) on Matthew 5:13-20

You probably remember a few months ago when the world TV viewing audiences were shocked by a news clip of a young Syrian boy, sitting alone in mute despair in an ambulance after an air strike on Aleppo, covered in blood and … Continue reading

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The White House Press Secretary is rightly insisting that the journalists check the facts before launching into print. This is wise and sensible advice. In case the news hacks are as ignorant as Donald Trump suggests, I would like to … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for 31 July 2016 on Luke 12:13-21

It’s odd isn’t it. We can claim to have the best set of beliefs, but our words and our actions give us away every time. Saying we are Christian for example might be a start but what if our words … Continue reading

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What Violence Doesn’t Achieve (Second version)

Donald Trump has been sounding off about terrorism calling for tougher measures. We have his call for more stringent border controls, for more violent treatment of potential terror suspects including use of torture and even his advocating killing members of … Continue reading

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