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Lectionary Sermon for 17 June 2018 Year B Mark 4, 26-34

It is not often we can say Jesus told a parable which seems to have particular meaning for our time. Today’ gospel from the lectionary certainly generates discussion, yet I wonder if indeed what is often debated misses one of … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for 14 June 2015 (Pentecost 3) on Mark 4: 26 -34

  A Mustard Seed Faith By tradition Jesus may have been brought up to be a carpenter, yet the parables and illustrations he evidently used suggest he was a great observer of the world around him. I would like to … Continue reading

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Lectionary sermon for 19 February 2017 on Matthew 5:38-48

When it comes to Christianity, sorting out the detail of belief may have to take second place to reorienting our attitudes and actions, particularly if we are expecting to be numbered among those who follow Jesus teaching. Karen Armstrong, perhaps … Continue reading

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