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Lectionary Sermon for June 21, 2020, on Matthew 10:24-39

The Fine Print in the GospelEven if our faith encourages us to shut out the sounds and sights of the world for an hour on Sunday morning, it would be hard to pretend that hour makes all well with the … Continue reading

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Gun Control , Theology and Common Sense

Now that the so called Christian nation of the US has finally achieved the equivalent of a mass shooting for every day of the year I wonder if it might not be time to insist that the international community pause … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for June 22 2014, on Matthew 10:24-39

There are some passages in the Gospels that are just plain awkward and the first impression of today’s passage from Chapter 10 in the gospel of Matthew is that it hardly fits the traditional artist’s image of Gentle Jesus meek … Continue reading

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That Troublesome Moat in the Eye of my Muslim Neighbour

When I read conservative Christian blogs I note that there is much vitriol directed towards Islam. I do not question that bad things have happened in the world wide Islamic community. Of course there have been suicide bombers. The Saudi … Continue reading

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