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The Anti-Intellectual Face of the GOP

The anti-intellectual face of the GOP in the run-up to the US elections may play well at home, but for those of us outside the US, a spectre of an anti-science Republican administration is worrying. In a technologic age the … Continue reading

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Michele Bachmann Thinks God is Punishing America!?

Michele Bachmann Thinks God is Punishing America!? In case you missed it this is a tea bag! Michele Bachmann has placed herself squarely alongside that other Tea Party front runner for the Republican Presidential nomination Rick Perry with her latest … Continue reading

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Time to Face the Growing World Food Crisis

“In the Bible, poverty and wealth are not just economic terms. Some of the poorest people on earth are rich in relationships. We have seen them after some catastrophe, gathering the scraps that survive and sharing them with a wide … Continue reading

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