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Such a lot of heretics, so little firewood. When we look at an individual case of heresy in the Christian Church we might be astounded at the temerity of an individual daring to question what so many take to be … Continue reading

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END TIMES – BUT THIS TIME IT’S SERIOUS ……again One of the penalties of getting older is that history repeats. When as a young man in my final year of high school, (in 1962)I went across the road from my … Continue reading

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The French sociologist Émile Durkheim had few problems in understanding disputes between those who marched to different religious drum beats. Religions as he saw it, emerged to meet very specific societal and cultural needs, and the agreed beliefs and patterns … Continue reading

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Progressive Christianity

At the end of July this year, the best selling author of Gothic novels and commentator on the Catholic faith, Anne Rice, clearly upset with the mainstream conservative version of Christianity, announced to her stunned fans she was quitting Christianity … Continue reading

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New article to make you think – on prayer

Added a  new article : Francis Galton and the testing of prayer You may also find the following article of interest Prayer_a_Neurological_Inquiry

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