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Lectionary Sermon 24 February 2019 Epiphany 7C Luke 6 27-38

JESUS’ WORDS – OUR RESPONSE I wonder what those in the non Church community would make of the typical modern Church setting for young people where a good part of the expression of worship appears to be the singing of … Continue reading

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Christian ethics is often described by Christian commentators as a dimension of Christian theology which offers a way to describe, understand and hopefully act upon concepts of right and wrong behaviour. For many Christians the teachings and actions of Jesus … Continue reading

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An alternative sermon for Peace Sunday 9 August 2015 based on Matthew 5: 38,39

A minister friend once told me that he was puzzled as to why although one the one hand humankind has made tremendous progress in terms of knowledge and ability to sustain and support population, yet although there have been vast improvements … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for June 22 2014, on Matthew 10:24-39

There are some passages in the Gospels that are just plain awkward and the first impression of today’s passage from Chapter 10 in the gospel of Matthew is that it hardly fits the traditional artist’s image of Gentle Jesus meek … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for 18 August 2013 (Year C) on Luke 12:49-56

An Unvarnished Truth Until comparatively recently, at least going by the number of books allegedly authored by St Paul, I had always assumed that Paul wrote the biggest single chunk of the New Testament. However when I checked, in terms … Continue reading

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It isn’t just generals whose war preparation seems inadequate because it is shaped by the previous war. When any population is being persuaded (and some would claim often manipulated) into a war, the shaping of perception is absolutely critical. Since … Continue reading

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