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Although I follow what President Trump is trying to persuade us to be his real reason for pulling out of the current long-standing INF nuclear treaty with Russia, it is more than a little worry that we are left to puzzle why he … Continue reading

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BREXIT: Remember “Up Yours Delors”

You would have thought that since David Cameron had shown he could identify the key problem, his own goal should not have been a surprise. When for example he summed up the defining characteristic of the British people in his … Continue reading

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An Interview with Fulvio Grimaldi on Libya – “Bloody Spring” revelations?

For those interested in reading another side to what has been happening in Libya I would suggest going to the link below. If Fulvio Grimaldi, an Italian Journalist with years of experience as a war correspondent is even approximately correct … Continue reading

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As it looks to me on 28 March: As I understand it the US dilemma in Libya has been as follows. Gaddafi (aka Qadhafi) was a ruthless dictator who had been in power for many years. He used his power to control … Continue reading

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Charles Reed, Foreign Policy adviser to the Church of England raises some important issues and makes the following comments about Operation Odyssey in Libya Quote:…….  Two weeks on from the start of Operation Odyssey we still lack clarity as … Continue reading

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