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Lectionary sermon for 6 October 2019 on Luke 17: 5-10

A Big Enough Mustard Seed? One comparatively new phenomenon is that with the assistance of modern travel we live in an age where new religions jostle for our attention, yet there is little evidence that many of our cities or … Continue reading

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Lectionary sermon for 6 October 2013 on Luke 17: 5-10

The Mustard Seed Viewpoint One of the curious things about Christianity is the little amount we need by way of theology before we can get on with the task of living the faith. Mind you, even with the first disciples, … Continue reading

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Lectionary sermon for 17 June 2012 on Mark 4: 26-34

A Mustard Seed Faith Jesus may have been brought up to be a carpenter, yet the parables and illustrations he used suggest he was a great observer of the world around him. I guess most of us don’t give most … Continue reading

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