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A Christmas Day Reflection by Bill Peddie

Would you be insulted if someone called you a heretic? Today I want to suggest that not all heresy should be condemned out of hand, and when it comes to Christmas, the occasional heretic might have something to teach us. … Continue reading

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Sermon for 9 September 2018 on Mark 7 24-30

Jesus Called Her A Dog! I guess to some extent we are all prisoners of our genetic make-up and governed by community mores. The evolutionary scientists point to the selected characteristics which make us seek our support from those who … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Christmas Parables by Rosalie Sugrue

(Note from Bill: Rosalie has invited me to post her article on my site. I am happy to do so – and invite comments from the readers.) Christmas Parables Leader: The most memorable teachings are conveyed by stories. Jesus never … Continue reading

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A lectionary sermon for 29 December Christmas 1 A 2013 on Matthew 2:13-23

No flight of Fancy You have to hand it to Matthew in the way he balances a sense of wonder for the coming of Jesus with the grimmer bits. First we have the angels, the shepherds and even the wise … Continue reading

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Sermon for Christmas Day 2016

  A Guiding light for Whose Journey? As a slow learning “older person” I should confess it has taken me much too long to realize the potential of Google maps on mobile phones.  From a young relative I recently learned … Continue reading

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Lectionary sermon for Advent 4a 18 December 2016 on Matthew 1:18-25

  Is there Gospel Truth in Christmas? The profound influence of Christianity in the shaping of belief systems over the last two millennia makes it inevitable that Jesus’ coming should have been celebrated in a wide variety of ways. Some … Continue reading

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