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Lectionary Sermon for January 7, 2018 Epiphany 1 Mark 1 : 4-11 (The Baptism of Jesus)

Baptism for What? The most thought provoking story I know regarding baptism comes from the days when royalty used marriage as a means of establishing new alliances and when only those who were particularly high born were considered good enough … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for 22 March 2015 Lent 5 Year B (On John 12: 20 -33)

A few weeks back, at a street market in Papakura, I heard a loud fundamentalist preacher shouting about what he called the evil religion of the Muslims and declaiming that followers of false Christianity (which I think included most mainstream … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for 22 January 2017 on Matthew 4:12-23

Knowingly putting yourself at risk is not a typical response to known danger. But that is only half one point at issue in today’s reading. Putting the issue another way, there is considerable difference in the actions of the young … Continue reading

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