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Call out the Cavalry! Not without further thought…

Oh my! President Trump expects supporters and allies to applaud him in his efforts to punish President Assad, (together with Russia and the Iran) for their combined and despicable use of Chemical weapons against defenceless civilians in rebel held territory. … Continue reading

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Donald Trump, the Keeper of the Launch Codes

It is unfortunate that Donald Trump is not only inexperienced in international politics but apparently unable to source let alone understand readily available information. In the second Presidential debate Trump made a silly claim about the US standing with nuclear weapons which suggests either he … Continue reading

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An alternative sermon for Peace Sunday 9 August 2015 based on Matthew 5: 38,39

A minister friend once told me that he was puzzled as to why although one the one hand humankind has made tremendous progress in terms of knowledge and ability to sustain and support population, yet although there have been vast improvements … Continue reading

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Lectionary sermon for Palm Sunday 29 March 2015 on Mark 11:1-11 (or John 12:12 – 16)

Palm Sunday – If we are honest, we should admit the shouting, palm waving crowd when Jesus came to town riding on an ass or a donkey is a bit hard for modern Westerners to understand. Perhaps it is just … Continue reading

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Background Notes on the Insurrection In Iraq

As an author of two books on Middle East politics: War Clouds in the Gulf and Anatomy of Terror as well as a number of articles on related topics posted on my website, I have to confess to a long … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney’s Bad Memory on Torture

Although we are used to cynical politicians distorting the truth and deliberately misleading the public, ex Vice President Dick Cheney’s pre-9-11 anniversary speech about the US use of torture was notable for what appears jaw-dropping effrontery. According to Cheney as … Continue reading

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Some time ago it was reported by Lois Lee and Stephen Bullivent’s article in New Scientist 6 March 2010 p26 that there was insufficient evidence to support the so called “enlightenment assumption” whereby advances in education reduce the willingness to … Continue reading

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The majority of casual observers in the West have taken some time to realise that one of the most serious dimensions to the current unrest now reaching boiling point in places in the Middle East is a replay of the … Continue reading

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A thirty year regime dictator, strong ally of the US in the Middle East has been toppled by a vast crowd of protestors complaining of years of State control and oppression, enraged to the point of waving their shoes in … Continue reading

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At the Nurenburg Trials at the end of the Second World War, those who participated in War Crimes were told they should have resisted orders if they knew them to be morally wrong. It is becoming apparent that over recent … Continue reading

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