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Lectionary sermon for 12 January 2020 on Matthew 3:13-17

BAPTISM CAN BE THE START! Can anyone here remember that, just a few days ago, in a myriad of Churches and religious gatherings around the world, congregations were singing lusty joyous carols. Joy to the world….. Or was it perhaps: … Continue reading

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Ollie North has Insights on Mass Shootings

I have only just caught up with the latest insights of one Oliver North ( the man who embarrassed the US a few years back in the Iran-Contra affair), in which he arranged for the U.S. to illegally sell weapons … Continue reading

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The Trumpish Art of the New Dealer

In the same way the hard of hearing can still follow the gist of a speech by watching an expert in sign language interpret the opening and shutting of a political leader’s mouth, given the widespread international varied reactions President … Continue reading

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Iran: Why their notion of a nuclear deterrent refuses to go away.

The old adage suggesting walking a mile in someone else’s shoes before rushing to judgment is probably too much to hope for, but to some outsiders at least, there is one key question largely ignored by those currently insisting that … Continue reading

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