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Israel Folau and Judgement Day

I can’t help feeling that when rugby player Israel Folau was outed for representing an outdated form of religious bigotry he should not have had to shoulder the entire blame for the teaching he has been encouraged to follow. I … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for 24 April 2016 (Easter 5 ) on John 13: 31-35

Saying warm familiar words in the context of a Church service can indeed lift the soul. Unfortunately when those familiar words are a call to action in the outside world and when no action eventuates, those same well-loved words risk … Continue reading

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Rethinking Sin

Although for most Christians the Bible remains an essential source document for faith, many of the earlier literalistic Biblical assumptions are challenged by new understandings of culture and new findings in science. The early myths of creation and a primitive … Continue reading

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Oxymoron Bigot Gets Wrong Tattoo

I think a wrestler bigot may have made history.  A oxymoron is where two words with almost opposite meaning are put together. eg Military intelligence.   This bigot achieved an oxymoron without getting to the second part.  PZ Myers posted the … Continue reading

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HOMOSEXUALITY – A SIN OR IN-BUILT DIFFERENCE? For centuries it was assumed that homosexuality was a chosen behaviour outside mainstream approval. Currently we can see there has been a shift in attitude, partly in reaction to changes in society and … Continue reading

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