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Lectionary sermon for 18 November 2018 on Mark 13: 1-8

A few years back I recall a TV interview with a man who had survived 11 lightning strikes and lived to tell the tale. The lightning victim’s explanation was that God must therefore have some special purpose for him. I … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for Easter 6 C May 1 2016 on John 14: 23 – 29

The Second Coming? – (R Open minded): Parental guidance required. Like health warnings on food and tobacco, it could be that sometimes even sermons should require a warning to flag potential discomfort on the part of the consumer. Because this … Continue reading

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At various funerals I have attended I have heard lots of different statements about heaven, many contradictory, but virtually all delivered with great authority. At one funeral a somewhat surprised crowd were assured by a Christian spiritualist that: “This man … Continue reading

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