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Lectionary Sermon 8 September 2019 (Year C) Luke 14:25-33

The Embarrassing Side of the Ledger When Karen Armstrong, one of the most respected modern theologians and specialists in comparative religion, was speaking about her latest book “ The Lost Art of Scripture” she said “there’s a lot of bad … Continue reading

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Lectionary sermon for 3 July 2016 (Year C) on 2 Kings 5:1-17 and Luke 10: 1-11, 16 – 20

Sometimes the Lectionary seems quite frustrating. Here we are contemplating a past week of financial turmoil courtesy of Brexit with many pressing questions to do with our uncertain 21st Century future, and the Church wants us to focus on a … Continue reading

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Brexit and the Law of Unintended Consequences

There are many possible consequences of the recent Brexit referendum but for some curious reason some of the more obvious likely impacts appear to have escaped those presently expressing joy. Prior to the referendum much of the talk appeared to imply … Continue reading

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