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Lectionary sermon for Palm Sunday (Year A) April 9, 2017 on Matthew 21:1-11

When you stop to think about it, Palm Sunday is a rather strange Christian festival. Getting into the spirit of Palm Sunday has always seemed to me to be rather artificial and even forced, because welcoming anyone – let alone … Continue reading

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A lectionary sermon for Christmas 1 A (New Year’s Day) 2017 on Matthew 2:13-23

You have to hand it to Matthew in the way he balances a sense of wonder for the coming of Jesus with the grimmer bits. Admittedly it is an otherworldly story of angels, the shepherds the wise men and of … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for 24 February 2013 (Lent 2) on Luke 13: 31 – 35

Let’s see. Here we have the living example of wisdom and kindness, Jesus, going around helping the poor and the rejected and sick and the lame and the blind and yet we are being in effect told that, far from … Continue reading

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