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The Righteous Mr Trump

Sorry Mr Trump, I know it was a great speech justifying the strike on Syria, but I’m not buying it. For heavens sake Mr President, just for once, read the international press. Surely some sycophant White House advisor might have … Continue reading

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Call out the Cavalry! Not without further thought…

Oh my! President Trump expects supporters and allies to applaud him in his efforts to punish President Assad, (together with Russia and the Iran) for their combined and despicable use of Chemical weapons against defenceless civilians in rebel held territory. … Continue reading

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Gaddafi’s death – now the implications.

Gaddafi is dead and the celebrations have already started. Without wanting to rain on the parade I do want to suggest some reasons why we should be a little hesitant about being too delighted. NATO’s main goal appears to be … Continue reading

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