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Ollie North has Insights on Mass Shootings

I have only just caught up with the latest insights of one Oliver North ( the man who embarrassed the US a few years back in the Iran-Contra affair), in which he arranged for the U.S. to illegally sell weapons … Continue reading

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Abortion as Murder??

The reason why I abandoned my previous evangelical Christian stance and moved into what some would dismiss as a progressive or liberal view of issues like abortion is that, as an evangelical, I had often found myself among those who had limited … Continue reading

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Christian ethics is often described by Christian commentators as a dimension of Christian theology which offers a way to describe, understand and hopefully act upon concepts of right and wrong behaviour. For many Christians the teachings and actions of Jesus … Continue reading

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Michele Bachmann Thinks God is Punishing America!?

Michele Bachmann Thinks God is Punishing America!? In case you missed it this is a tea bag! Michele Bachmann has placed herself squarely alongside that other Tea Party front runner for the Republican Presidential nomination Rick Perry with her latest … Continue reading

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There is no doubt that reduced population growth usually correlates with improved standard of living. In the following, we look at what has been the practice of one child families in China and suggest that in broad terms it might be … Continue reading

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Right to life: An argument with two sides

One clear principle which gets almost universal support is that right to life is the entitlement of normal functioning and complete human beings who pose no danger to themselves or others. Thus for example the article 6.1 of the 1966 … Continue reading

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