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Lectionary Sermon for 7 August 2016 on Luke 12:32-48 (Year C, Pr 14)

On Looking Busy (an edited version of my sermon on the same topic for 11 August 2013) In the spoof spy film “Johnny English” there is one scene where the evil pretender to the British Crown is readying a look-alike … Continue reading

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The current and now failed coup attempt causing initial disruption in Istanbul and Ankara may indeed be sending shockwaves through Turkey but no one who follows Turkish politics should be overly surprised. For a good few years now the Army has … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for Easter Sunday 27 March 2016 on Luke 24: 1-12

“Christ is risen!” And they all replied….. “Christ is risen indeed”. It is clear that many in the wider Christian Church take it for granted that they are expected to make this response. However if there should be a supplementary … Continue reading

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Why Protest the TPPA?

At the very least we should concede the recent signing of the Trans- Pacific Partnership agreement for 12 Pacific trading nations trumpeted with such fanfare by the New Zealand Government offers the promise of clear advantages. On the other hand these advantages are unequally … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Euthanasia

The decision to allow for the termination of life has some interesting legal and ethical implications which require precise legislation. I suspect that with of the order of more than six out of ten New Zealanders supporting an end of … Continue reading

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Failed Prophecies of Joseph Smith

Failed Prophecies of Joseph Smith (information gleaned from the 1997 study of the same name by the Institute of Religious Research) Joseph Smith has often been called The Prophet by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter … Continue reading

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Harry Potter…not me!

As a retired science educator and sometime amateur stage magician I have always enjoyed presenting jaw dropping demonstrations. Unfortunately as a self confessed hard boiled cynical showman, it is one thing to organize a flash of fire, float a lady … Continue reading

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