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Lectionary Sermon for 17 May 2020, (Easter 6 A) on John 14:15-21

Commandments that call for ActionWhat the gospel writers chose to highlight in the central teaching of Jesus or say about his emphasis is not always how his aspiring followers subsequently live their response. Most church goers would for example be … Continue reading

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Is Donald Trump a Christian?

One of the sadder features of the US election circus is not so much that it spotlights the leading Presidential contenders – but rather it tells us what drives the true feelings of the voting public. Which brings me to … Continue reading

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I have some tentative suggestions as to whether or not a claimed assertion to be following the Christian faith appears authentic. Since we all have to start somewhere, I want to emphasize that my current thinking is that the authentic Christian doesn’t … Continue reading

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Lectionary sermon for 23 August 2015 on John 6: 56-69 (Year B Pr 16)

I once heard the story of a young theological student who had to preach his first sermon in front of his professor and class. He really sweated in putting together a rather nicely constructed sermon that reflected Biblical scholarship – … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for 30 September 2012 on Mark 9: 38-50

There is something about the human psyche which seems to have us delight in identifying which other people don’t quite fit our particular insider group. No doubt the social psychologists would explain this phenomenon as a way of investing in … Continue reading

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Can We Only Learn From One Faith?

There is an old saying that if a man only has one watch he knows the time. If he owns two watches he is never sure. This saying seems to have particular significance when it comes to faith. For the … Continue reading

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