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Lectionary Sermon for Trinity Sunday, Year C, 22 May 2016 on John 16: 12 – 15

Although there is good practical sense in Christian living, every now and again we come to something more obscure. Here in today’s passage we encounter something which may at first seem removed from practical reality. Jesus is telling his disciples … Continue reading

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The Resurrection – Real or Wishful Thinking?

Although I have encountered many opinions and claims about the evidence for and against the resurrection of Jesus it occurs to me that it might be interesting to assemble some of the key ideas in a brief review to see … Continue reading

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The Limitations of Theology

Although the study of Theology may well introduce the thoughtful Christian to some novel and often helpful ways of looking at faith issues, the first thing we notice is the sheer range of theological propositions assumed by different Christians as … Continue reading

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A Theology for A Scientific Age by Brian Butterfield

(Professor Emeritus Brian Butterfield has given me permission to post the following on my website. It raises some key issues which deserve thoughful reaction. Use the comment box underneath to join the discussion) The following issues need to be addressed … Continue reading

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At various funerals I have attended I have heard lots of different statements about heaven, many contradictory, but virtually all delivered with great authority. At one funeral a somewhat surprised crowd were assured by a Christian spiritualist that: “This man … Continue reading

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