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Background Notes on the Insurrection In Iraq

As an author of two books on Middle East politics: War Clouds in the Gulf and Anatomy of Terror as well as a number of articles on related topics posted on my website, I have to confess to a long … Continue reading

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The Egyptian Election Result Presents a Dilemma for the US and Israel

It doesn’t take an unusually perceptive observer to guess the US subsidy to the Egyptian Army of US $1.3 billion each year for the last few years was not given without reason or condition. Up until the demise of the Mubarak government … Continue reading

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The Wahhabi Influence

There is an uneasy relationship between the Wahhabi (also known as the Salafis) who in effect see themselves as keepers of the faith and the rest of the Muslim world. Centred in Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabi interpretation of Islam emerged … Continue reading

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The majority of casual observers in the West have taken some time to realise that one of the most serious dimensions to the current unrest now reaching boiling point in places in the Middle East is a replay of the … Continue reading

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