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Musing About Right Beliefs

I guess everyone has an interest in sorting out truth from fiction and those who champion orthodoxy obviously value the notion that they are holding to truths which have secure traditions and values particularly if they have stood the test … Continue reading

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I have some tentative suggestions as to whether or not a claimed assertion to be following the Christian faith appears authentic. Since we all have to start somewhere, I want to emphasize that my current thinking is that the authentic Christian doesn’t … Continue reading

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The Limitations of Theology

Although the study of Theology may well introduce the thoughtful Christian to some novel and often helpful ways of looking at faith issues, the first thing we notice is the sheer range of theological propositions assumed by different Christians as … Continue reading

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Lectionary sermon for 23 August 2015 on John 6: 56-69 (Year B Pr 16)

I once heard the story of a young theological student who had to preach his first sermon in front of his professor and class. He really sweated in putting together a rather nicely constructed sermon that reflected Biblical scholarship – … Continue reading

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The Jehovah’s Witness Phenomenon by Bill Peddie

The Jehovah’s Witnesses intrigue me. I guess I should say at the outset I suspect analytical thinkers would have a problem with multiple and successive failures in their predictions, and with what I suspect is their continued misrepresentation of the … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Falling Church Membership

For followers of mainline religion there is a growing dark cloud on the horizon. In most modern Western communities there is a visible decline in support for the Church. Aging congregations, declining numbers who register as Christian in the census … Continue reading

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A Theology for A Scientific Age by Brian Butterfield

(Professor Emeritus Brian Butterfield has given me permission to post the following on my website. It raises some key issues which deserve thoughful reaction. Use the comment box underneath to join the discussion) The following issues need to be addressed … Continue reading

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