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Lectionary Sermon for 17 May 2020, (Easter 6 A) on John 14:15-21

Commandments that call for ActionWhat the gospel writers chose to highlight in the central teaching of Jesus or say about his emphasis is not always how his aspiring followers subsequently live their response. Most church goers would for example be … Continue reading

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Lectionary sermon for 12 November 2017 on Matthew 25: 1-13

INSPIRED TO?…… I guess from time to time a large number of Christians have considered themselves inspired by some of Jesus’ wisdom as recounted by the Gospel writers. Yet given some of the realities of the day to day problems … Continue reading

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Now that Jesus Seminar is now effectively part of our recent history it is fair to ask what difference it has made to the understanding of the body of knowledge about the Bible for thoughtful Christians? Before we turn attention … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for 27 November 2016 , (Advent 1 A) based on Matthew 24: 36-44

If you want to encounter some seriously nutty responses to today’s gospel simply recall the dire warnings in the false and failed predictions by the host of self appointed doomsayers over the centuries since the time of Christ. Because today’s … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for Trinity Sunday, Year C, 22 May 2016 on John 16: 12 – 15

Although there is good practical sense in Christian living, every now and again we come to something more obscure. Here in today’s passage we encounter something which may at first seem removed from practical reality. Jesus is telling his disciples … Continue reading

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The Resurrection – Real or Wishful Thinking?

Although I have encountered many opinions and claims about the evidence for and against the resurrection of Jesus it occurs to me that it might be interesting to assemble some of the key ideas in a brief review to see … Continue reading

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Is Donald Trump a Christian?

One of the sadder features of the US election circus is not so much that it spotlights the leading Presidential contenders – but rather it tells us what drives the true feelings of the voting public. Which brings me to … Continue reading

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Musing About Right Beliefs

I guess everyone has an interest in sorting out truth from fiction and those who champion orthodoxy obviously value the notion that they are holding to truths which have secure traditions and values particularly if they have stood the test … Continue reading

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I have some tentative suggestions as to whether or not a claimed assertion to be following the Christian faith appears authentic. Since we all have to start somewhere, I want to emphasize that my current thinking is that the authentic Christian doesn’t … Continue reading

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The Limitations of Theology

Although the study of Theology may well introduce the thoughtful Christian to some novel and often helpful ways of looking at faith issues, the first thing we notice is the sheer range of theological propositions assumed by different Christians as … Continue reading

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