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Some thoughts on Euthanasia

The decision to allow for the termination of life has some interesting legal and ethical implications which require precise legislation. I suspect that with of the order of more than six out of ten New Zealanders supporting an end of … Continue reading

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Christian ethics is often described by Christian commentators as a dimension of Christian theology which offers a way to describe, understand and hopefully act upon concepts of right and wrong behaviour. For many Christians the teachings and actions of Jesus … Continue reading

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The Anti-Intellectual Face of the GOP

The anti-intellectual face of the GOP in the run-up to the US elections may play well at home, but for those of us outside the US, a spectre of an anti-science Republican administration is worrying. In a technologic age the … Continue reading

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Here in another corner of the world it is sometimes difficult to make sense of US policies on oil. President Obama has seized on one aspect of the puzzle by pointing out that just as fuel is hitting the unpalatable … Continue reading

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Ken Ring: Close: but sorry, no cigar

Sorry Ken Ring, you were wrong. You said originally that we should expect a big earthquake – probably bigger than 22 Feb –  on the morning of 20 March. The experts said that although aftershocks were still expected – and some … Continue reading

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Question for the week

Is religion religion born out of culture?

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JAPANESE EARTHQUAKE BACKGROUND The earthquake hitting Japan Friday afternoon is yet another reminder that the human species, despite all the advances in science and technology, is still relatively helpless in the face of the worst that nature can do. As is … Continue reading

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Ken Ring and Deb Webber, Psychics extraordinaire

Oh dear, Sensing Murder psychic, Deb Webber says she predicted the last Christchurch earthquake and another much worse is on the way. (Well not actually predicted in public words because she didnt want to frighten anyone) but in general terms … Continue reading

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A new guest article: the author can be contacted at  dave@cultureandreligion The theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is simply: the increasing amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) generated by human manufacturing, transportation and heating activities is causing increasing temperatures around … Continue reading

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A new article: YOUR ASTROLOGY DEFENSE KIT by Andrew Fraknoi

A new article : YOUR ASTROLOGY DEFENSE KIT by Andrew Fraknoi has be republished  with permission in our guest section Sometimes, when astronomers or astronomy hobbyists tell someone about their interest in the heavens, they quickly get drawn into a debate … Continue reading

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