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Lectionary Sermon for 6 August 2017 on Matthew 14: 13 – 21 (The Loaves and the Fishes)

This morning’s gospel of the loaves and the fishes is often presented in tones of wonder portraying a Harry Potter-type image of a magic God-filled figure in the form of Jesus, waving his hand like a stage magician and causing … Continue reading

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Rethinking Sin

Although for most Christians the Bible remains an essential source document for faith, many of the earlier literalistic Biblical assumptions are challenged by new understandings of culture and new findings in science. The early myths of creation and a primitive … Continue reading

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Musing about Science and Religion

Words like “science” and “religion” do not have widely agreed meanings and connotations. What we think the words mean and how important they are to each one of us reflect different cultures, histories and differing relative dependence on the understanding … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for February 22 2015, Lent 1, Year B (on Mark 1: 9-15)

Hard-wired for Temptation The writer of the Gospel of Mark tells us that Jesus who we now talk of as the Son of God, started out by spending more than a month in the wilderness struggling with his temptations.   In … Continue reading

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The Challenge Laid Down by Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry, an avowed atheist with undoubted wit and encyclopaedic knowledge, has hit the headlines again, this time with an unexpected left field response to what was probably intended to be a standard type frivolous light-weight introductory question. In this … Continue reading

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A Theology for A Scientific Age by Brian Butterfield

(Professor Emeritus Brian Butterfield has given me permission to post the following on my website. It raises some key issues which deserve thoughful reaction. Use the comment box underneath to join the discussion) The following issues need to be addressed … Continue reading

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Question for the Week (No 1)

Which ideas about God have to be rejected or modified to allow for what science has uncovered?

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