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Lectionary Sermon for 25 September 2016 on Luke 16: 19 – 31

The Collective Blind-Spot                                                                                                  Early on in the book of Genesis, the writer has God confronting Cain to ask him what has happened to his brother. Cain replies indignantly “Am I my brother’s keeper?” A good part of the Bible and … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for 31 July 2016 on Luke 12:13-21

It’s odd isn’t it. We can claim to have the best set of beliefs, but our words and our actions give us away every time. Saying we are Christian for example might be a start but what if our words … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Scores another Own Goal – But was it deliberate?

No doubt Mitt’s opponents in the Republican Presidential race will be hooting with joy at Mitt’s latest dropped clanger. So he doesn’t care about the poor? His clumsy retrieval attempt that the poor didn’t need extra care because they are … Continue reading

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Access to Food Supply: Whose responsibility?

Many analysts have come to the common conclusion that although the world has enough food produced for its population of 7 billion, the scandal is that almost 1 billion remain hungry. Although it is a problem with several contributing factors, … Continue reading

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