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What Violence Doesn’t Achieve (Second version)

Donald Trump has been sounding off about terrorism calling for tougher measures. We have his call for more stringent border controls, for more violent treatment of potential terror suspects including use of torture and even his advocating killing members of … Continue reading

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Pfc Bradley Manning: traitor, scapegoat or hero?

A few years ago as one of those concerned to get the Lindy Chamberlain case re-opened to avoid a miscarriage of justice, I was sent to the Northern Territory to report on the case. I talked with many people involved … Continue reading

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Osama Rambo Bin Laden – Killed Resisting Arrest?

What is it with the US State Department? First they talk of a relatively large group of highly trained Seals killing a dangerous terrorist who was resisting arrest after a fire-fight, all of which which we might have understood. Then … Continue reading

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