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Attitudes towards homosexuality derived from the Bible are shaky at best because they reflect an age when little was known. The main emphasis in the Bible generally ignores homosexuality and the findings of science and the changed needs of society suggests a need to revise the notion that homosexuality is a sin.

Israel Folau and Judgement Day

I can’t help feeling that when rugby player Israel Folau was outed for representing an outdated form of religious bigotry he should not have had to shoulder the entire blame for the teaching he has been encouraged to follow. I … Continue reading

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Free Speech in the face of Terrorism

Although Voltaire did not necessarily say those exact words, his principal biographer Evelyn Beatrice Hall fairly summarised his view on free speech with the now famous aphorism: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death … Continue reading

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HOMOSEXUALITY – A SIN OR IN-BUILT DIFFERENCE? For centuries it was assumed that homosexuality was a chosen behaviour outside mainstream approval. Currently we can see there has been a shift in attitude, partly in reaction to changes in society and … Continue reading

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