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Free Speech in the face of Terrorism

Although Voltaire did not necessarily say those exact words, his principal biographer Evelyn Beatrice Hall fairly summarised his view on free speech with the now famous aphorism: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death … Continue reading

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Background Notes on the Insurrection In Iraq

As an author of two books on Middle East politics: War Clouds in the Gulf and Anatomy of Terror as well as a number of articles on related topics posted on my website, I have to confess to a long … Continue reading

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That Troublesome Moat in the Eye of my Muslim Neighbour

When I read conservative Christian blogs I note that there is much vitriol directed towards Islam. I do not question that bad things have happened in the world wide Islamic community. Of course there have been suicide bombers. The Saudi … Continue reading

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Iran: Why their notion of a nuclear deterrent refuses to go away.

The old adage suggesting walking a mile in someone else’s shoes before rushing to judgment is probably too much to hope for, but to some outsiders at least, there is one key question largely ignored by those currently insisting that … Continue reading

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Should we fear Islam as much as Islam needs to fear us? One of the difficulties for non Islamic people trying to work out the motivations and actions of Muslims is that on their TVs and in their newspapers they … Continue reading

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