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Making America Great??The Polls say something different!

Did you detect any irony with the sight of the representatives of the cash strapped US Government going cap in hand to the White House to cobble together a temporary cash relief fix – then a few days later, watching  some of the same … Continue reading

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DONALD TRUMP AND HIS ALTERNATIVE FACTS ON THE REJECTED TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP While I am sure President Donald Trump knows how to add using his fingers, I wish he had used bigger fingers before maligning the junior trading nations with … Continue reading

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A few Implications of the Greek “No” Vote

Although a good proportion of the Greek population appear relieved at the clear “no” vote in answer to the Euro requests for austerity conditions for the much needed bail-out, the result has dismayed its European partners.  The Prime minister’s obvious … Continue reading

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Some Home Truths About Greece and the Euro by Bill Peddie

Those who are surprised how far Greece appears to have fallen in its ability to weather their current economic crisis are either new to the scene or have very short memories. If we were to cast our minds back to … Continue reading

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The Euro and the Uncertain Moral High Ground

When a morality play is put on stage it is easy to mistake the simplified plot lines for reality. When the audience announce that they are about to use the play to guide their real life decisions it may be … Continue reading

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The US Debt Crisis – Constituency Madness

I am hoping I have misread the situation, but from the distant Island where I sit, it appears we have been treated to the unedifying spectacle of Washington politicians using a principle of unintended but inevitable self harm to protect … Continue reading

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