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Progressive Sermon for 14 June 2020 on Matt 9.35 -10:8 Pentecost 2, 43A

The Call to Practical Mission: ( Gospel Reading: Mt 9:35 – 10:8) (Please note that today I have lent on some mainstream Methodist resources to help me assemble the following!!) Now, almost unexpectedly, we find our New Zealand churches returning … Continue reading

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TRUMP’S TRADE WARS – the Law of Unintended Consequences

The notion of using tariffs as a means of biasing trade to benefit the tariff controlling nation is not a new concept. The British Empire, and more recently the US have (among others) had the means to take raw materials almost … Continue reading

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Izzy’s Little List

IZZY’S LITTLE LIST A few days ago a congregation member of a local Pentecostal-type mega church told me that their whole congregation had recently prayed for my salvation. Their leaders had discovered that I had a liberal approach to the … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for 17 March 2019 (Lent 2) on Luke 13: 31 – 35

THE ARMS OF CHRIST For those of us living in New Zealand this season of Lent will be now be remembered as a time when we were brought back to Earth with an unpleasant jolt. Prior to Friday the 15th … Continue reading

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The recent terror attack on two Christchurch Mosques, resulting in fifty deaths and multiple victims with gunshot wounds was the work of what appears to be a single assailant apparently deriving motivation from what most of us would term an internet based white supremacist … Continue reading

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Trump Mark Two

It is a great shame for Mr Trump’s current credibility that he has insisted on making some of his more bizarre past threats and boasts in front of the TV cameras. Certainly in the wake of the recent letter bomb … Continue reading

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Unfortunately (and we hope coincidentally) the just announced withdrawal of the US from the UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) looks suspiciously like an attempt to avoid scrutiny for America’s own mounting list of human rights embarrassments. The self-perception of citizens … Continue reading

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The US under the leadership of President Trump appears to be reflected in a massive slide in global confidence in the standing of the US. The Pew polls based on a variety of international markers have shown a serious drop … Continue reading

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Trump versus the Economists

A short time ago, over a thousand (actually 1,140) economists sent President Trump a letter. They were clearly appalled at President Trump’s economic protectionism, his tough and erratic rhetoric on the Trade requirements of the US and in particular, his … Continue reading

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One aspect of the disparate family that now constitutes the Methodist Church in New Zealand is starting to concern me. Don’t get me wrong. I rejoice in a Church which is sufficiently “family” to encompass progressives and conservatives. We find … Continue reading

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