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The Trump regime’s recent treatment of the Chinese electronics giant Huawei sends an unfortunate set of messages to an international audience. When Trump et al instigated the arrest of Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou, the US order to Canada to detain … Continue reading

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I have been working through a textbook called “Zombie Economics” by Professor John Quiggan. Although it is probably seen now as older book (published by Princeton University Press in 2010) it might just as easily now be seen the playbook … Continue reading

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Trump Mark Two

It is a great shame for Mr Trump’s current credibility that he has insisted on making some of his more bizarre past threats and boasts in front of the TV cameras. Certainly in the wake of the recent letter bomb … Continue reading

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Although I follow what President Trump is trying to persuade us to be his real reason for pulling out of the current long-standing INF nuclear treaty with Russia, it is more than a little worry that we are left to puzzle why he … Continue reading

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Good News for Trump, Bad for Friends of America.

At least nobody could accuse Mr Trump of caring for the poorer neighbour at his gate. Despite the US taking almost one quarter of the world’s GNP, Mr Trump, President of a nation encompassing only 5 % of the world’s … Continue reading

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Lectionary Sermon for 30 September 2018 on Mark 9: 38-50

I suspect the real attraction of long running soap operas on TV is that human strengths and weaknesses are not unique to any place or any time. Down through the centuries, each nation’s leaders and each tribe within that nation … Continue reading

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Mr Trump to the Rescue!

Let’s see now. The tax relief for the rich has left a hole in the US veterans’ welfare package which Mr Trump is going to fix by going deeper into debt.  Why were the veterans moaning?  The rich were happy. More importantly, … Continue reading

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