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For a rich nation, I suspect the US appears to observers from most Western nations to have an in-built desire to provide a health service which caters for everyone except the sick or those at serious risk from illness. If … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Sorts Canada – Well Sort of …..

Well goodness gracious, President Trump has done it again, this time with a 20%plus  tariff slapped on some of the US imports of Timber from Canada. And once again, despite top info from the experts at Fox News and Twitter, … Continue reading

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The Confusion of the Elderly Curmudgeon

Well I am getting older so forgive me if once again I am missing something. Have I got it right that the North Koreans who have the temerity to want to make and test nuclear weapons must be brought to … Continue reading

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Somewhat to my surprise I find myself agreeing with something that Donald Trump says about Syria! According to POTUS (not to mention Fox) there is evidently a bad unpopular leader in the Syrian affair who represents a minority, is responsible for … Continue reading

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SUGGESTED COURSE FOR TRUMP UNIVERSITY FOR THE YEAR 2018 (Rumours that Trump University is finished are based on alternative facts) Course Name: BECOMING THE BEST-EVER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES 101        Sub-title: WISDOM AFTER THE EVENT SYNOPSIS OF COURSE UNITS … Continue reading

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Lectionary sermon for 26 February 2017 on Matthew 6: 24 – 34 Year A

There is one curious omission in the current arguments for and against Donald Trump being the answer to making America great again. Virtually no-one seems interested in what really counts as greatness. Staying with the Trump image, one dimension of … Continue reading

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Trump and The Soybean Puzzle

Can someone (a Trump supporter maybe) from the US Mid West explain why President Trump’s notion of putting a heavy tariff on goods from China is going to help the sale of US Soybean to China? The Mid West voters … Continue reading

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