I am sorry, regardless of the Trump supporters who wave their supplied placards and wear their coordinated T shirts ( both prepared by the Trump election machine), as far as I can see, there is good reason why outside the US the international polls have registered a massive drop in confidence in the US leadership.

While today’s jaw dropping Presidential speech about the wonders of the US economy may play well with ultra rich shareholders, it certainly doesn’t say much for the US education system. Doesn’t anybody in the Trump supporting camp have the wit to read the statistics for themselves?

Can I suggest that rather than allowing the President to portray the economy as successful, some elementary questions should be faced?

First there is the all important issue of US Debt. Remember the President said under his leadership the debt of what was then a bit over 19 trillion dollars was going to disappear. Well it has. Go to the US Debt Clock and look at the figures. It is now well and truly disappeared and been replaced by well over $23 trillion dollars.

If the tax intake is still sufficient now that the rich dudes have to pay less tax then how come there isn’t enough money for walls, for continuing the previous level of aid to poor nations, for environmental concerns etc – and more importantly, how come the overseas debt isn’t being paid off?

If there is indeed great press freedom in the US how come that international measures of Press freedom indicate freedom for the Press in the US has dropped greatly in relative position.

Then Mr Trump says he has created 6 million new jobs. Well stay on the same page of Debt Clock statistics and note that the number in employment today in 2019 is a shade over the number in employment in the year 2000. And here was me thinking the population had increased a tad since the year 2000. Surely those who say this is because some are now have to work several jobs may be correct. Then look at the figure for unemployed. Notice this is close to half the number actually out of work. Well that is an easy one. The rules for registering as unemployed have tightened. Check it out.

If people are actually pleased the way things are going, two small questions?
How come, while the rich have got richer, the poor have got poorer? How come the international measures of happiness have shown a drop in the relative place of the US? (Do you really think an increase in happiness is reflected in the increase of suicides?)
While the President might deplore gun violence in the US, don’t forget he said at his inauguration, “the violence in the streets stops here and now”

Well it increased, so who is a silly boy then?

Now he says “Trust me!” Rather you than me!!

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