From time to time, since leaders are human, the US public might expect their politicians to make mistakes, but after reading some of the President’s latest claims the best we might hope is that the current batch of tweets were not deliberately intended to deceive.

Perhaps someone among Mr Trump’s strongest supporters could help me.
I have just read one of President Trump’s more recent tweets which said:
“More people are working today in the United States, 158,000,000 than in any time in the countries history. That is a Big Deal”

Well if true, it would indeed be a Big Deal, but as far as I can see,  based on publically available statistics it’s wrong! For what it’s worth, I reckon the advisor who gave this information to his leader should resign before he or she follows the ignominious and ever growing list of advisors personally chosen by a self declared great mind who have been fired for not delivering.

Of course I could have it wrong. I might be reading the statistics incorrectly, so here is my problem Mr Trump. Last night I checked the official figures from the US Debt Clock which I invite your followers to look at themselves.

It is true that as of yesterday the official figure for those in the US workforce now is 156,921,426 which is only just over a million short of the Trump tweeted figure of 158, 000,000, and it is true that the official unemployed is only 6,524,101. But surely Mr Trump, with the help of your statistics advisor, you might have noticed the line on the same set of statistics that in the year 2000 there were more than this month’s figure of 156,921,426 then in the workforce ( ie 157,359,075 for the year 2000)

But that is only the beginning of the bad news for the President. As at yesterday, (according to the US Debt Clock data, the actual unemployed is 13,222,525 which looks a tad different to the officially unemployed. A small question… Are the recently fired workers from the Trump golf courses (fired because they were undocumented) now officially unemployed??

In the last few days we have been invited by Mr Trump to check out the wonderful economic figures. So I did. Mr Trump has helped the Soybean farmers by reducing the US Soybean sold to China. That will teach China! Mr Trump (assisted by his advisors) has worked his tariff magic on the Trade deficit and increased it. He has dealt to Huawei and is now puzzled why the Chinese don’t want to purchase so much electronics from the US. Mr Trump has failed to deliver on his 2016 promise to make the US Debt disappear from its alarming $19 Trillion and instead, increased the debt to over $22 Trillion dollars.  With minimal effort you can find the graph of the increase in Federal debt since Mr Trump took over as President so see if you can guess which advisor told him that reducing tax on the rich was going to help.

Obviously someone he relies on (surely not himself) has told him that it is OK to put another 8.6 billion dollars of debt on the wall in his upcoming budget while increasing military expenditure and cutting back on stuff like aid, welfare and education. And here was me thinking that aid, welfare and education employed people!

We live in interesting times. Whoops, sorry, that is a Chinese saying.

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