All That Glitters

(by Bill Peddie – a self-appointed Poet Laureate)

Don’t mean to disparage the glimpse of each carriage
Or that grouchy old Duke with the Queen
Plenty of sparkle, when Ginge wed Miss Markle
But what, we might ask, did it mean?

Since when did weird hats on Cheshire faced cats
With portly stuffed shirts by their side
Warrant the tears and sycophant cheers
From new “would-be” friends of the bride?

The wee flags they flew were red white and blue
Post cards and cake tins got sold
But I seem to remember the souvenir cake
From William’s big day is now mold.

Don’t think I’m a grump, or a man with a hump
‘Cos I waited each day in the rain
But the blue bloody invite just never arrived
The Windsors forgot me again!

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