Mr Trump to the Rescue!

Let’s see now. The tax relief for the rich has left a hole in the US veterans’ welfare package which Mr Trump is going to fix by going deeper into debt.  Why were the veterans moaning?  The rich were happy.

More importantly, as far as I can tell, the recent Trump tariffs were introduced to make trade fairer for the US since the five % of the world’s population in the US only currently consume 25% of the world’s GDP.  Mr Trump was understandably shocked to discover that other poorer nations unfairly reacted to the US tariffs by introducing their own tariffs and for some unaccountable reason hit the very same states supporting the man behind the tariffs. Why would they do that we wonder?

Now the farmers (who voted for Mr Trump and his tariff policies) have realized that they are losing money, so the deeply indebted government will borrow some more to bail them out and everyone will be happy that America has returned to greatness.

Well that seems straightforward enough.

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4 Responses to Mr Trump to the Rescue!

  1. Barry says:

    Reblogged this on Another Spectrum and commented:
    For those who fail to understand how Trump’s MAGA policies are working, Bill Peddie has described it perfectly in very simple language that even Trump supporters will understand in his post Mr Trump to the Rescue!

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  3. Of course! Why the hell didn’t anybody think of this SOONER?!

  4. Ruth says:

    And just like that die-hard conservatives become socialists.

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