Ollie North has Insights on Mass Shootings

I have only just caught up with the latest insights of one Oliver North ( the man who embarrassed the US a few years back in the Iran-Contra affair), in which he arranged for the U.S. to illegally sell weapons to Iran of all places—violating an arms embargo—then funnelled the proceeds to the Contras, who were fighting Ortega’s left-wing government.

I acknowledge that, knowing all about arms deals, Mr North definitely qualifies as the new President of the NRA and no doubt he will be well respected as a Vietnam veteran, remembering back to when he was a lieutenant colonel serving on the National Security Council. I presume that those who voted for him in his new position would have been well aware that he was charged with various felonies related to Iran-Contra and convicted of three. Fortunately in the new era, past crimes only matter if you are an immigrant.

Now Mr North is offering to solve the mass gun crime shootings in American Schools by placing the blame squarely on too much Ritalin made available to young boys, slack attitudes to abortion and on poor security in the schools. The abortion bit was a little puzzling to me since aborting future mass murderers seemed a neat if somewhat far fetched solution. I hope this does not imply we should be asking for details of Oliver North’s own drug prescription.

The other puzzle in his speech was that he seemed totally opposed to the notion that gun laws need to be reviewed. Should I be presumptuous and suggest that some computer savvy geek show the NRA president how to use Wikipedia? Other first world nations with more sensible gun laws don’t have anything like America’s gun crime death toll.

At least God is being consulted. I note that the self-claimed born again President Trump offers prayers and condolences instead of restrictions on gun sales each time this happens. Twenty one mass shootings for one month. Perhaps if the President were to speak louder and face the right direction, God might hear!

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2 Responses to Ollie North has Insights on Mass Shootings

  1. Barry says:

    What is it with America? God and Guns seem to run hand in hand. Here in NZ we seem to do very well without either.

  2. peddiebill says:

    Good point Barry. I suspect the answer lies in US history.

    The nature of a vast country and a very uneven support system in terms of law has fostered the notion that people need to own their own weapons. The second Amendment came from a different age where the early settlers had no standing army but found themselves have to conduct wars with the British and various Indian tribes. The notion was that if everyone had their own gun at home a militia could be easily formed. The right to bear arms is now a silly anachronism because the US now has the most powerful military in the World (and then some) but the cowboy self image has taken a real hold.

    Technically some other countries are also able to issue gun licences but in the US big business has taken control and is encouraging such a stupid mind-set that now there are actually more guns in the US than there are people, and many of those guns are way beyond what is needed for self defence.

    The other problem is that many in the US are totally unaware how far they are out of step with the rest of the world because many do not read, do not travel and don’t even watch serious TV eg BBC, al Jazeera etc If you only watched Fox and got your thoughts from luminaries like President Trump it is hardly surprising you would find nothing wrong with showing teenagers how to fire automatic assault rifles.

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