Research proves arming teachers won’t make students safer — ThinkProgress

After last week’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Americans are imploring their leaders to take serious action on gun control. During a town hall Wednesday night, for instance, survivors of the shooting suggested plenty of steps that could be taken, from banning bump stocks to limiting magazine capacity, strengthening background checks, and easing the NRA’s stranglehold […]

via Research proves arming teachers won’t make students safer — ThinkProgress

Bill’s comment…  I was amazed that Mr Trump should turn to the arming of teachers as plausible option for keeping schools safe.     The numerous studies about the in-effectiveness of this option are well known and any literate citizen can access the data and understand the significance of the data, let alone a man who describes himself as having superior intelligence.  Instead we now discover the President either had so little previous interest in this topic he lacked readily accessible information that he needed before making his proposal or alternately he has been badly let down by his advisers.    This is especially unfortunate since his advisers were presumably so carefully selected by the man himself!

Mr Trump’s critics have been suggesting that unless his advisers explain issues in Twitter-sized bites – or alternately persuade the pro-Trump Fox commentators to break the information down to simplified information, he is suspected of lacking the concentration to listen or understand.

Stopping bad guys by using good guys with guns seems a very poor alternative to not giving the bad guys the freedom to get their guns in the first place.   Most other nations have been able to work that out for themselves.    Why return to something that hasn’t worked where it has been tried and has already failed in an American context?

Remember a good number of perpetrators have already decided that they intend to commit suicide by waiting for the inevitable hail of bullets and explain how arming the teachers would change that likely outcome.  Many public places are patrolled by armed law-keepers but many of those public places still have high numbers of gun victims. Remember the teacher who shot herself by accident, another who shot himself in the foot, the teacher who accidently left their gun in a bathroom, the relatively few number of massacres stopped by armed amateurs, the difficulty of training  to bring teachers to the point where they could stop the armed assailant without adding to the problem and the fact that the majority of surveyed teachers have already rejected the armed teachers option should all combine to give the President a clue.  A simple survey of countries that have introduced gun control and eliminated mass shootings in schools should bring the conclusion to the point it is called a no-brainer…… Oh….unless of course the brain of the elected authority figure has already reached its limit!

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