POTUS Calls the North Korean Kettle Black


I am puzzled why Mr Trump appears to think that the President of the US has the right to criticise North Korea as an instigator of state sponsored terror. Even if the POTUS virtually disregards international newspapers and seeks the bulk of his serious news from Fox and Twitter I would have hoped that he, like virtually all professionals involved in international affairs would at least suspect that the US has a much more impressive record than North Korea as a supporter of state sponsored terror.

Just to take a simple example. It is relatively well known that torture is a standard technique employed by governments into terror and it is hardly a Wikipedia secret that 74% of countries involved in torture just happen to be US client states.

Now think back over the last few years and remind yourself of the South American nations which were supported by the US in their appalling record of crimes against human rights. I was talking with a migrant from Chile this morning and she assured me that there are still many thousands of Chilean citizens still unaccounted for as “the disappeared”. Perhaps Mr Trump also needs to ask himself why the US is continuing to ensure the supply of weapons to nations with dubious political records yet all the while (perhaps even pretending?) failing to notice that these weapons are used to target civilians.

If you want a civilian population to suffer real terror, hit their towns with barrel bombs, fuel air explosives, or perhaps put depleted uranium in artillery shells. True it is good to identify the source of horror weapons like Sarin and white phosphorus but if it then transpires the chief instigator is somewhat closer to home than North Korea at least do the US and international public the courtesy of not treating them as easily duped morons.

You can even prolong the suffering of civilians by commissioning the bombing of their towns and cities then refuse to accept the poor and huddled masses of refugees fleeing the destruction. At least North Korea with its current poverty exacerbated by sanctions is not one of the nations turning away floods of refugees. Perhaps Trump’s under used CIA might be used to check to see whose policies are keeping the refugees at bay.

Certainly destabilizing democratically elected governments by backing coups to install dictators and/or puppet figureheads qualifies as setting up conditions of terror… but don’t forget that makes the US look bad from their record in places like Iraq, Syria and Iran. North Korea is just a beginner in the foreign state sponsored coup department.

Now a year into the job Mr Trump appears to have forgotten the US record in the Extraordinary Rendition programme. I did a double take a few months back when the US president just “discovered” and ranted that a prison in Syria had been use to torture and “disappear” prisoners, despite that same prison being one of those used by the US in the extraordinary rendition programme towards the end of the Bush era. Surely Mr Trump is not implying North Korea is so bad that they were a part of that programme?

If any of his advisers are still in favour perhaps they might remind the POTUS that before he looks at the North Korean record he might check on Saudi Arabia using the US military assistance to kill civilians in Yemen. Next he might usefully look at the UN figures of civilian victims of the US led coalition in Syria. Those numbers actually exceed those identified as killed by ISIS. From time to time we read of US “accidental raids” on hospitals in Afghanistan, Syria and some of the lesser known battlefields in Africa. It is hard to call these anything other than acts of terror. Oh and by the way, where were the equivalent acts of State sponsored terror carried out in the name of North Korea? Do the number of civilians killed by North Korean murder squads really exceed the number of civilians killed in the cross-fire by US forces and their allies in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and now Yemen.

By all means nuke the naughty agents of State sponsored terror who have done the most damage to innocent bystanders particularly if the President insists it is called for … but do understand that the evidence suggests the US would be a more deserving target.

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