The Bi-Polar “ leader” of the “free world”

I get it that Donald Trump doesn’t want a repetition of a lone ISIS terrorist killing six civilians in New York and wants to pass new laws restricting people who are likely to be potential terrorists getting into the country.

I don’t get it that a self appointed guardian of the defenceless ie one Donald trump – is unmoved by thousands of unnecessary gun deaths each year in the US and doesn’t want any substantive law changes to reduce the access to guns.

I get it that Donald Trump can call a terrorist who kills a handful of defenceless civilians “sick”and “deranged”.

I don’t get it that the hopefully non-sick and non deranged Donald Trump as the leader of a nation which has the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world can threaten to wipe a whole country (ie North Korea) including millions of defenceless civilians off the map for the crime of trying to build its own nuclear arsenal.

I get it that Donald trump is so concerned about the ISIS threat in places like Syria he wants his US led coalition to bomb any cities and towns where there is a ISIS presence even if this bombing kills more civilians than were killed by ISIS (according to the UN statistics)

I don’t get it that, having destroyed such towns and cities, Donald Trump wants to reduce the UN contribution to the welfare of those who are the victims i.e. feels no need to care about the refugees, the wounded, the destroyed hospitals and schools, and the wrecked infra structure.

I get it that since the evangelicals comprise a good part of his key support base, Donald Trump likes the tag of “born again Christian”.

I don’t get how the Mr Trump’s self perception of his own Christian behaviour fits with “keeps no score of wrongs”, “slow to anger”, “forgives seventy time seven”, “turns the other cheek”, “is not puffed-up”, “welcomes the stranger in his midst”, “does not store up treasures on earth”

Geddit?….. please add your own suggested gets and don’t gets in the comment box below!

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