An Urge For a Limerick

Having spent rather too many hours recently on serious topics I wonder if it might be time for something lighter. I submit the following in the hope that others might continue in similar vein. (obscene verse would not be welcome!!)

The signs are the sea’s on the rise
Which Donald J Trump still denies
But despite all his bleats
And his confident tweets
He’s due for a damp wet surprise

Not that the strange man would care
Just wave his wee hands in the air
And then for a laugh
He’d blame his poor staff
Then off for a preen of his hair

But it may be too soon for a gloat
The hope is his Trumpness may float
True ideas may be rare
And he’s full of hot air…..
Puffed up he should bob like a boat

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1 Response to An Urge For a Limerick

  1. But despite climate change evidence
    Would the world really be better with Pence?
    As sea levels rise faster
    We won’t avoid the disaster
    He lacks even Trumps commonsense

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