Donald Trump Sorts Canada – Well Sort of …..

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Well goodness gracious, President Trump has done it again, this time with a 20%plus  tariff slapped on some of the US imports of Timber from Canada. And once again, despite top info from the experts at Fox News and Twitter, not to mention listening as carefully as usual (!)to personally approved advisors, he managed to miss an important and very awkward detail.

I guess the Canadians probably saw it coming.

Despite overlooking such small details as owning luxury hotels and towers bearing his name in Canada Mr Trump was clear about how badly the US is being treated by the Canadians particularly in their trading relationships.

At a New York rally in April last year, he said he would change what he calls poorly-negotiated international trade deals, and mentioned Canada in the mix:

“I like free trade, but free trade is not free trade, it’s dump trade because we lose with China, we lose with Mexico, we lose with Japan and Vietnam and every single country that we deal with. We lose with Canada — big-league. Tremendous, tremendous trade deficits with Canada.” He added he last bit in verbal capitals.

It is a pity that despite his self-perceived perspicacity, not to mention his use of personally chosen family advisors, he has presumably been deliberately denied the Trade figures available to all other Americans.
Yes, President Trump. It is true the Canadians send more trade in terms of value of goods in the US direction than vice versa. The 2015 figures suggest a $15 billion disparity but surely someone in the White House might have heard that Trade includes Services as well as goods. The Services part is very heavily in the US favour.

The overall Trade picture is therefore in the US favour!!!  Don’t take my word for it …. look it up!

If it is fairness POTUS seeks, Canada will no doubt be happy to oblige with their own adjustments, but how that will advantage the US quite escapes me.

Now, why should someone like me from New Zealand care? Look again. Mr Trump says “we lose with …..every country we deal with“. Since we deal with the US we can only assume Trump directs his criticisms to include New Zealand. For the record, as with Canada, the US trade figures with my country are similarly in favour of the US????  What trade figures are Mr Trump using???

So the President insists on fairness. He has my support on that. Perhaps we should ask that when the US security reps visit this country for their highly secret assignations in our beautiful Queenstown Tourist resort (which are regularly reported in our daily newspapers!), that they pay sufficient tariffs to balance the books.

If I have missed something important please share it.

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