The Confusion of the Elderly Curmudgeon

Well I am getting older so forgive me if once again I am missing something. Have I got it right that the North Koreans who have the temerity to want to make and test nuclear weapons must be brought to heel by military force if necessary? But surely the US has a new Commander in Chief who wants an increase in the number of nuclear weapons and has advocated that significant US allies do the same. His reasoning, explained via something called Tweeting, is that if anyone sees you have such weapons they won’t want to mess with you. This must be very puzzling to the North Korean leader.

Now POTUS Trump has just rejoiced in the explosion of the World’s second largest non-nuclear weapon in Afghanistan. This weapon reportedly killed 36 terrorists and presumably an unknown number of prisoners. They died in an underground tunnel complex (funded by the CIA in the 1980s) and the bomb was dropped all for the expenditure of an unbelievably large sum of US tax-payers money ($16 million/MOAB). Just as well this is being paid for by a reduction in tax on the rich.

The terrorists world-wide are being reminded that such weapons are very effective in terms of damage and I read in Wikipedia the smaller versions are cheap to make. If anyone cares to access the relevant articles on Wikipedia they can get enough information to get them to follow the lead of the US. And this is somehow meant to make the world a safer place??? Well goodness gracious me!

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