The White House Press Secretary is rightly insisting that the journalists check the facts before launching into print. This is wise and sensible advice. In case the news hacks are as ignorant as Donald Trump suggests, I would like to start the ball rolling with a few questions to seek helpful information from the White House.

1. How many of the Muslim countries chosen for the immigration ban have had their nationals commit terrorist acts on US soil over the last 40 years? (Stupid Google claims none! Google is presumably wrong because Mr Trump claims not to be intimidated by imaginary threats!)
2. Why were a number of the Muslim nations chosen for exemption coincidentally nations where President Trump has had investments?
3. Why was Saudi Arabia, the main source of genuine terrorism in the US (ie the Twin Towers) not high on the list of counties likely to furnish dangerous visitors? What about Bin Laden’s stamping grounds?
4. Given that all the terrorism experts claim that acts interpreted as anti-Muslim increase the incidence of terrorism, (eg the marked increase of terrorism when Iraq was “punished”by US invasion) is the President surprised that terrorist leaders via ISIS sites are using Trump’s ban against many Muslims as encouragement for Muslims to think the US really wishes war with Islam?
5. Given the Wall is necessary what is the evidence that Mexican behaviour is worse than that of other national groups? Silly Google claims the Mexican behaviour is rather better than average ( i.e. lower crime figures).
6. Is the President prepared to guarantee to Congress and the Senate that the US is not in fact going to have to fund the wall on an interim basis beyond President Trump’s well informed estimate ?(which is less than half that quoted by a number of stupid construction engineers)?
7. When Mexico pays for the wall (as Mr Trump guarantees) why will Mexico not seek to get some of the money by foreclosing on US investments?
8. If some of the US factories are saving money at present by operating in Mexico, who is going to pay extra for their goods when their increased labour costs go back to the new factories in the US.
9. Which endangered species are threatened by the wall?
10. Which of last week’s Executive Orders signed by the President have a guarantee of subsequent support by the Government?
11. Are the North American Indians important enough to consider their opinions on pipelines and fracking ?
12. Why are the polls continuing to show a substantial resistance to the new policies when President Trump has explained that the nation has come together behind him?
There must be other questions worth asking. Ideas please.

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