Donald Trump and the Miss Universe Connection

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From time to time, given the extravagant promises of Presidential candidates, a reality check might not go amiss.

I am not sure if many have noticed but given Donald Trump’s long standing connection with the Miss Universe competition it occurs to me that we might remember that for many years it was a standing joke that many of the candidates claimed they stood for world peace, wanted to do something about world hunger and cared deeply about orphans. Only the most naïve amongst the spectators must have believed that these represented genuine aspirations.

Young ladies obsessed with personal appearance, particularly those who spent large sums of money on make-up, clothes, hair style are hardly likely to be found working as peacekeepers and few of the winners then go on to distinguish themselves in humanitarian ventures.

Presidential contests have similar temptations for unlikely promises.
Identifying emotional triggers for the voting public is not at issue. All the candidate’s team has to do is look at the various polls expressing public concerns. If the public express concerns about violence in the community, are concerned about an influx of refugees and illegal immigrants, are uneasy about race relations, care about paying tax they cant afford, worry about lack of world peace, are concerned for environmental challenges like pollution and climate change and are outraged at mass shootings and terrorism, then it is a total no-brainer for the candidate to say that he or she shares the same concern.

Sooner or later we have to look at the candidate and ask the very simple question. If you say you really care about these issues then like the beauty contestants are your claims consistent with what you have actually dedicated yourself in the recent past. Are these the sorts of things you are already involved with? – or like many of the Miss Universe candidates are they simply the sorts of things you think the judges (in this case the voting public) want to hear.

Care about the well being of the less well off? Forget the promises. Does the candidate have a track record of tax avoidance – or does he or she encourage the sharing of burdens? Care about the plight of minorities? What legislation has the candidate encouraged for the benefit of minorities. Frankly I don’t care if there is a one hundred per cent success in the chosen activities.   Far more to the point is what were they at least trying to do.Peacekeeping. How much of the last few years have been involved in peacekeeping missions? And so on through the list.

To quote Pygmalion. “Don’t talk of love – show me!

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