The overall intention of this site is to encourage thought. Since my particular path in life has been influenced by my background in science, education, politics, religion (which for me has come to mean liberal or progressive Christianity) and a strong interest in distributive justice, these issues have influenced my choice of topics.

One current project has been developing a set of lectionary sermons to cover the three year lectionary cycle. Although there is now a sermon for each Sunday for each year I am now editing the earlier sermons to bring them up to date. Since I am assured that some read these sermons each week, if the reader notes errors made or considers further points should be made, feel free to add comments for other readers to consider.

If the reader is interested in some of the more controversial issues there are for example articles on the Science of Global warming, homosexuality, Islamic attitudes to violence, Middle East politics eg History of Iran etc In some instances the comments at the end are of more value than the initial article.

For those interested in Biblical topics, you may wish to start by looking at Biblical Literalism (“Shaping God”) and others on metaphors in the Bible (“The God that Limps” and “Metaphorically speaking) and theology”.

If you prefer lighter reading you may like to look at “The Battle of the Bards” – my poetry war with a very humorous atheist poet, or articles like The End Times – This time it’s serious – again.
There are also articles on the sociology that shapes religion (eg Was Durkheim right?) and others on the interface of Science and Religion.

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