Global Warming revisited….

I know this may irritate a number of my critics who took me to task for my article from two or three years back on the Science of Global warming in which I claimed that a majority of the popularists were ignoring the data and the scientific complications. Nevertheless simce a majority now clearly believe global warming is continuing it is interesting to note that every year the four million square kilometers of ice cover is replenished in the Arctic.   Even more intriguing for those concerned about the runaway global warming is the apparent data showing that for last December the Northern hemisphere snow cover reached a record (at least for the last thirty years or so). 

Please don’t take my word for it. Look it up yourself.
Google Ice Cover Northern (cryosphere data) and click on each of the cumulative data areas on Arctic Sea etc and tell me if each year we are not back to the same ice cover in winter as we always have. Then if you are feeling brave, try googling “Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover sets all time December Record – 9 million Sq Km More than 32 year ago”. (The paper which caught my eye was the one from Rutger’s University)

Then reread my paper on the Science of Global Warming on this site and tell me again why I was wrong!

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2 Responses to Global Warming revisited….

  1. dave says:

    For more information about collusion and suppression of dissent, like practiced by the fear mongers for global warming but can be found also in quite a few other recent cases both in science and medicine, I strongly recommend the recent book by Henry Bauer, Dogmatism in Science and Medicine.

  2. peddiebill says:

    Thanks for the reference. I am not familiar with the book but will try to access it via our library system. The other day I came across a highly qualified climate scientist with a great distrust of the current popular views which push total certainty on human produced CO2 as the main driver of climate change. He said that he is reluctant to share his ideas in a public forum having seen what has happened to colleagues who ventured similiar doubts. He also said that he is under the impression that a good percentage of scientists with expertise in the area share his views and are similarly reluctant to voice them

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