An Interview with Fulvio Grimaldi on Libya – “Bloody Spring” revelations?

For those interested in reading another side to what has been happening in Libya I would suggest going to the link below.

If Fulvio Grimaldi, an Italian Journalist with years of experience as a war correspondent is even approximately correct in his interpretation of the rebellion in Libya – and in particular with the role NATO has played, there are some worrying questions to be faced.  Although his claims may seem extreme, his previous work, including his famous Bloody Sunday Irish expose and his reporting in Yugoslavia should win him the right to be heard. Amnesty International and John Pilger have been echoing many of his claims about distorted reporting on the Libyan situation pointing to torture and ill-treatment of prisoners by the rebels and making similar claims to those of Grimaldi about the distortions of the anti-Gaddafi propaganda.   However check it out for yourself starting with the Grimaldi interview.   I would be interested in your reaction. An Interview with Fulvio Grimaldi on Libya – Bloody Spring.

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2 Responses to An Interview with Fulvio Grimaldi on Libya – “Bloody Spring” revelations?

    • peddiebill says:

      Thanks for this James. I had missed this article and it certainly supports the Grimaldi interview.
      The assertions of evidence for genocide against Black Africans by the rebels sound plausible with the provided detail and should trouble the decision makers of the West if only because, as with Iraq and Afghanistan, the last thing we need is to find ourselves supporting yet another corrupt regime. I have no doubt that Gaddafi was ruthless with potential and actual enemies – and in fact was used by the US and UK as part of the rendition programme because of what was happening in the prisons – but supporting those prepared to be worse is not likely to advance world peace. I would recommend reading “the top ten myths in the war against libya.” article in if only to stimulate some self examination. Who was it who said: “If you sup with the Devil, you need a long spoon.”

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